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​Self Service Coin Laundromat in Little Havana

Our coin laundry is like a brand new laundromat. When we purchased this lavanderia in 2021, we replaced almost all of the old washers and dryers with brand new Huebsch machines. Our coin wash is fully attended from 7 a.m. to 11 p.m. If you have any questions, there is always somebody to help you at our laundromat in Little Havana.

Self Service Laundry Pricing

  • 20-22 lb Washer $2.75 - $3.50
  • 30 lb Washer $4.50
  • 45 lb Washer $5.00
  • 55 lb Washer $6.00
  • 85 lb Washer $8.25
  • 30 lb Dryer $1.50
  • 45 lb Dryer $2.50
  • 75 lb Dryer $3.50

Our lavanderia cerca de Downtown Miami has television for your entertainment. We offer wi-fi and work stations so you can do your office or school work while you wait for your clothes to dry. Little Havana Laundry also has snack and drink machines in addition to our coffee machine. And we offer detergents and softeners for sale.

If you decide that you really don't want to launder your own clothes, we have wash and fold laundry service as well as pickup and delivery. Just schedule your pickup and we'll take this chore off of your hands!