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How we can help with your Airbnb rental laundry

June 15, 2021

Laundry By The Pound Miami

AirBnb managers know the scramble far too well. Your guests have just left your property and you have a new group arriving shortly. You need the bed linen, towels, hand towels, bath mats and table clothes all sorted.

Even if you have a laundry machine on the property, you or your cleaning staff likely waste a lot of time waiting around for the laundry to finish . . . all while running up costs for equipment maintenance, utilities, and detergent.

AirBnb accommodation is an ultra-competitive market and you can’t afford to take shortcuts. Fresh, clean linen is a must when it comes to maintaining your AirBnb review rating for high-end properties. Guests notice and they’re not afraid to let the world know in their feedback review.

Clearly you need a commercial laundry service but the big commercial laundries either want you to work around their schedules or worse, they won’t deal with you at all.

Little Havana laundry pick up and delivery service has found a way to solve these problems for you.

We care about your business and want to keep your cost down as well. So we weigh all AirBnb linen after processing to ensure that you’re not being charged for towels that a guest used as mop that is heavy and laden with water.

We process all ordered thru our secured credit card service system as soon as the laundry is successful delivered back to you. We look forward to created a helping hand and letting us take over all your dirty work.


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