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What is Pickup and delivery and how can it help me?

June 23, 2021

Little Havana Laundry

Laundry Service at your front door. 

Do you live a busy life? Is work getting to be too much and all your clothes are piling with no time to get to it? Let us help you.

We specialize in pick up and delivery laundry service in Miami, Little Havana, Brickell, Downtown, South Beach and surrounding areas. Its nice to be able to have your grocery’s brought to your door step why not all your laundry and dry cleaning without spending all day one load at a time washing, drying, folding and putting away everything. 


No take back your Sundays go out to brunch and drink a mimosa. Enjoy the sunshine and everything this beautiful city has to offer.


With a quick click and a few steps setting up an account you can leave all your laundry in a bag located in a secure area and within 24 hours we will have it back to you washed, folded and ready to slide right back in your drawers. We are about creating an easier and more convent lifestyle for you. We love to see your noted and know exactly how you like your clothes taken care of, tired of the large loads of towels and sheets and trying to fold a fitted sheet we all know how stressful all this can be when you have kids running around or a career that deserves your attention. Leave us all your sheets, blankets towels and everything else. Dry Cleaning is a bit of a longer turn around 3-4 days but have no fear it will be back to you in no time.


With our amazing system we will have the ability to let you know that we are on our way thru text message, we will keep you up dated thru the whole process and let you know when we are expected to arrive back with your fresh clean clothes.  If you want to keep on schedule and not miss a beat set up a weekly or biweekly pickup and we will be able to fill your bags on a regular and keep everything from the scary possibility of piling up and getting out of control. 


We are very excited to offer a free laundry bag with every weekly order.  


Welcome to Little Havana Laundry

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